Do I Need to Call a Professional for Fire System Panel Repair?

Do I Need to Call a Professional for Fire System Panel Repair?


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A fire alarm system is an integral part of any commercial building. When a fire breaks out, the fire alarm system alerts everyone to get out and away from the danger as quickly as possible. If your fire system is not working properly, it can be dangerous for the building’s occupants. Fortunately, most fire panel repair issues are minor and can be fixed by a knowledgeable DIY enthusiast with some electrical troubleshooting skills. However, you should always contact a professional if you notice:


Fire System Panel Repair

1. Signs of a fire panel malfunction

If the fire panel is not working properly, you may notice that the fire alarms are not functioning when they should be. This may be because they have been disconnected or disabled, or they have been set off accidentally. If the fire panel has been damaged by a power surge or lightning strike, then the fire alarms may not sound at all. When these panels are damaged, you may see sparks or smoke coming from the panel. These are very serious signs and you should call a professional immediately.


2. Fire alarm system battery issues

Most modern fire alarm systems are powered by a 9-volt battery. If the battery is low, the fire alarm will not function properly. To test if the battery is the problem, turn it off and see if the fire alarm starts working again. If it does not, the battery is at fault. If you notice corrosion or corrosion, replace the battery as soon as possible. Corrosion can damage the system and make it stop working permanently. This will put you at risk if there is a fire. Fire alarm batteries should be replaced every 12-18 months. Batteries can be purchased online or at most home improvement stores.


3. Bad wiring or loose connectors

If you notice that the wiring is damaged, it needs to be replaced by a professional. This wiring will have been certified and installed by a qualified electrician. Wires that have been damaged but not cut can often be repaired by a DIY enthusiast using electrical tape. Loose connectors and bad wiring can cause many different fire panel problems. If you notice loose wiring, it will need to be tightened as soon as possible.


4. Broken or burnt fuses

If a fuse has blown in the fire panel, it will need to be replaced with a new one. This can be done by a DIY enthusiast, although many different fuse types exist. When replacing fuses, make sure you check that the cause of the problem has been resolved. If a fuse has broken due to excessive heat, it is likely that the wiring in the fire alarm panel is damaged. This must be repaired by a professional.


5. Smoke detector problems

If you notice that the smoke detectors are not working or are sounding when they should not be, they might have been disconnected or have a loose connection. If the detector is not in place, it needs to be put back in its original location as soon as possible. If it is sounding when it should not be, you need to reset it by pressing the test button. If the smoke detector is constantly beeping and you cannot silence it, first check that the battery is in place. If the battery is working and the detector is still beeping, it might have been programmed incorrectly. If you are not sure how to program the detector correctly, call an electrician.



The fire alarm system is an extremely important part of any commercial building. A fire alarm system is designed to detect smoke and fire, and alert the building’s occupants to the danger as quickly as possible. Fire alarm systems also include fire extinguishers, fire doors, and fire sprinklers. When an issue arises with the fire alarm system, it is best to deal with it as quickly as possible. Calling a professional will make sure that the issue is resolved as promptly as possible. Although most fire panel repair issues are minor and can be fixed by a DIY enthusiast, they can quickly escalate if they are not dealt with quickly.

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