Purpose of Fire Protection System

Purpose of Fire Protection System

Purpose of Fire Protection System by Selangor Fire System Protection Certified Contractor
Purpose of Fire Protection System

Professionally designed, installed, operated, and maintained fire protection system can reduce unwanted fire-related damage in any building. These losses include property and, most importantly, human life. The main motivation for the need for internal fire protection system and fire codes is to provide building occupants with immediate information so they can get out of the building and notify the fire fighter in case of fires. In settings such as hospitals, fire protection system provides notifications to employees so they can respond to fire emergencies (as opposed to evacuating buildings).

Basic Components of a Fire Protection System

Alarm trigger circuit

These are circuits that connect starting devices such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations and water flow alarms. In addition, many system monitoring devices that are important to the fire safety of the entire building are also connected to the starting circuit. This device indicates an “abnormal” condition, not a fire or “alarm” condition. They are called “supervisory tools.” An example is a valve supervision switch or a valve tamper switch that controls an automatic sprinkler system. This type of device can also be connected to a supervision type circuit.

Alarm signal device circuit

An audible and visible alarm indicates that equipment is connected to this circuit to alert the occupants of the building. Equipment that transmits signals from the premises can also be connected to this circuit.

Fire alarm control panel

The fire alarm control panel contains electronics that monitor the fire protection system. The start and signal circuits are connected directly in this panel.

Primary power supply

The main power supply supplies power to the entire fire protection system. Primary power for fire protection system is usually provided by connecting to a local commercial electrical service.

Secondary power supply

A separate power supply that will operate automatically when the primary power fails and can operate the entire system is considered a secondary power supply.

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