Functions Controlled by Fire Protection System

Functions Controlled by Fire Protection System

Functions Controlled by Fire Protection System by Selangor Fire System Protection Certified Contractor
Fire Protection System

Fire protection system can do more than receive an indication of an emergency and send an alarm. This section will identify some of the common functions controlled by fire protection system. The list is not intended to be all-inclusive.

The fire alarm panel can send a signal to the fire department or other desired facility via one of the methods described at the beginning of this section. Elevator capture and recall is a common function that fire alarm panels can perform easily. Upon receiving an alarm, the fire alarm panel can operate one or more relays that control the actions of the elevator. The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system (HVAC) or a smoke control system also can be controlled through fire alarm panels.

Fire protection system frequently include remote annunciators. Briefly, a remote annunciator “displays” the condition of the fire alarm panel at a remote location, usually through lights (LEDs) on graphic or tabular displays. Remote annunciators also can have switches that control the main fire alarm panel. The fire alarm panel may be in a secured area out of the public way. However, it must be remembered that those investigating an alarm need to inspect the indicators on a fire alarm or annunciator panel to determine the cause of the alarm and the location of the initiating device. Remote annunciators can be at locations such as the main lobby of a building, or at a security desk, so that the needed information on the condition of the fire alarm panel is readily available.

Fire suppression system can tie into fire alarm panels so that their activation is monitored. Another important function that a fire alarm panel can control is the activation of fire suppression system. In this function, the fire alarm panel identifies a fire through its initiating circuits and activates a fire suppression system such as CO2 system, through a control circuit. This means that fire protection system can both alert when a fire suppression system is activated and serve as a control mechanism when suppression system is activated.

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