Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Masma Fire Engineering products and services.

When is the “BOMBA” (E-Feis) expired date for fire extinguishers ?

The E-Feis expired date for fire extinguisher is 12 month or 1 year . Customer can bring their fire extinguisher to Masma Fire Engineering to renew their E-Feis licence .

How to dispose expired fire extinguishers ?

Customer can bring expired fire extinguisher to Masma Fire Enginering Banting , and our profesional team will dispose it .

How long i can use fire extinguisher  ?

Fire Extinguisher expired will be 10 years from the manufacturing date .

It is okay to use expired product ?

No. Please dispose of any products out of warranty..

Is there a chance of products exploding if exposed to very hot temperatures (ex. in a locked car)?

The product is stable between -30℃–90℃.

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