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The 4 Most Common Types of Fire

Today, Masma Fire Engineering your fire extinguisher company in Banting, Selangor will share about the 4 Most Common Types of Fire. Fire can start anywhere at any time, below is a list of the top four most common causes of fires. This information may even help you to prevent starting a fire.

The most common type of fire starts in the kitchen. Whether it is from burning food, grease, or an electrical problem, often times all three can cause a fire. Grease is the major cause of a fire it can grow and spread quickly, getting out of control and spreading to other rooms of your home, before the Bomba arrives.

Fire On Kitchen

Electrical fires are the second most common type of house fire. When you have electricity and water it can be bad. Often times, if the wiring is old a fire can start and someone can be electrocuted. Electrical fires can be caused by several different things, including old wiring, faulty wiring, broken or old breaker boxes, faulty appliances, and the improper use of outlets.

In addition portable heaters and electric blankets start their fair share of fires. If you have to use a portable heater make sure you one that has a timer and an automotive shut-off. In place of electric blankets try using a heavy quilt.

Electrical fire

Smoking is the fourth leading cause of fires. If you can smoke outside and make sure you put your cigarette out before going back inside your home. Same situation when you smoke inside and make sure you put your cigarette properly.

Cigarette can cause fire
Cigarette can cause fire

You can’t always prevent a fire especially an electrical one due to poor or faulty wiring or appliances. So, as early precautions let’s prepare to get suitable fire extinguisher at your house and of course you can get your fire extinguisher at Masma Fire Engineering.

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