The 4 Stages to Repair Fire Panel

The 4 Stages to Repair Fire Panel:

Fire Risk Assessment:  We’ll need to know what level of detection your building needs. Haven’t got one? We’ll sort it.

Brief & Survey: We’ll consult with you to understand your budget, bespoke building requirements and future-proofing needs, and carry out a survey pre-design if required.

Design & Proposal: We’ll get to work on your design using floor plans of your building before presenting you with an installation proposal, including a leasing option if preferred.

Installation & Aftercare: It’s then time for your installation! We’ll install and commission, leaving you safe and legally compliant. Then we’ll see you every six months for servicing.

Fire Panel Installations Explained:

‘WFP’ stands for ‘Wire-Free Protection’ as when we first started out it was specialising particularly in wireless alarms. Of course, whether you need this type of system or not will be totally dependent on the 3 Bs: your Building, Bespoke needs and Budget. 

Your Fire Risk Assessment (Step 1, as mentioned above) will stipulate which category of fire panel you need (i.e., what level of fire detection is needed). This could be an:

L1, which offers full cover with fire detection in all areas

L2, which is the same as an L3 plus areas or rooms which are considered hazardous

L3, which has fire detection in escape routes and the rooms leading directly onto escape routes

L4, where there is fire detection in the escape routes only

Or an L5, which is a building with a specific risk and requires a bespoke design

The 4 Stages to Repair Fire Panel by Selangor Fire System Protection Certified Contractor
Repair Fire Panel

We’ll also help you decide whether a wired or wireless fire panel system would be the best fit for your building. 

Think of it like your Internet modem: Do you want the system to run being directly linked to the modem or operate over wireless signals? 

Both have their pros and cons, and you can even opt to have a hybrid system which uses elements of both. Pretty neat, eh? 

Wired systems are more suitable for new buildings compared to wireless which acts a little like plug-and-play with limited wiring needed. 

So, if you’re a building that’s newly decorated you probably won’t want to fork out again because of the invasive works needed if you opted for a wired fire panel system.

But don’t worry, we’ll suggest the best methodology of installation when we speak to you and survey the premises to make sure it fits all of your needs both now and for the future.

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